Please Help

I was walking to work today, when I briefly passed by an older, slightly drunk white gentlemen, rambling to himself on the street. That’s not really uncommon, so I nod as we pass and enter into work.

When my co-workers and I departed for lunch, the same gentleman was sitting on the sidewalk on the side of our building, a paperbag on one side of him and in front of him a sign that said “please help”. I passed him by.

Returning from lunch, the man was there, now surrounded by three Oakland Ambassadors in orange vests (they are general help/watchmen for the downtown area). One was holding a camera and recording him, while the others were talking to him. I only heard the words “you can sit you just have to do it down over there” from one of the Ambassadors while he pointed down the street. The man kept rambling, slightly distressed with his voice elevated. I again, passed him by, this time a bit quicker.

Then as I walked to my car tonight I passed by this across the street from where he was originally standing.

Just another day.

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